How To WIN At The Game Of Life

How To WIN At The Game Of Life

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If you’re wondering how to win at life or how to win in life – then you’ve come to the right place. I believe that life is a game. Your goal should be to simply make more right moves than wrong moves. If you can do this you will be able to find more happiness and success. The only question is how do you figure out how to make the right moves? This video contains one of my best life tips and life advice so make sure you watch it from start to finish with full focus.

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Welcome To The Game Of Life: (00:00)
The Rules For This Game: (00:23)
The Good News: (00:47)
The Bad News: (01:34)
The Best News: (02:00)
How Do You Make The Right Moves?: (02:18)
Subject #1 You Need To Study: (03:20)
Subject #2 You Need To Study: (05:09)
Subject #3 You Need To Study: (08:02)
Summary + Easter EGG: (10:00)

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