The Habit Tier List – 32 Habits (Which one should you build next?)

The Habit Tier List - 32 Habits (Which one should you build next?)

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Building and sticking to good habits is the only practical way to start seeing positive changes in your life. So I asked you guys to list all of the best habits that you can think of and I then ranked them from what I believe to be the best to the worst in a tier list. Hopefully, this gives you some insight on which habits to focus on building first (because you really should ONLY build 1-2 habits at a time. One preferably.) This list consists of some of the most life changing, healthy, and productive habits that I can think of.

NOTE: These are my own personal opinions. People have varying experiences with different habits. Some might be game changing for me, while they might not bring much benefits for you. The key is to TEST them out and see what works best for you.

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Intro: (00:00)
The Different Tiers: (00:35)
Habit #1 – Drinking Water: (02:06)
Habit #2 – Cooking: (02:42)
Habit #3 – Practicing Music: (03:39)
Habit #4 – Waking Up Early: (04:39)
Habit #5 – Reading: (05:38)
Habit #6 – Keeping A Dairy: (06:48)
Habit #7 – Listening To Podcasts: (07:46)
Habit #8 – Doing Your Chores: (08:33)
Habit #9 – Dancing: (09:27)
Habit #10 – Resting Your Eyes: (10:13)
How To Build Habits: (11:33)
Habit #11 – Positive Affirmations: (13:13)
Habit #12 – Bullet Journaling: (14:53)
Habit #13 – Being Mindful Of Your Posture: (16:16)
Habit #14 – Watching Self-Improvement Videos: (17:02)
Habit #15 – Studying: (17:54)
Habit #16 – Practicing A Skill: (18:26)
Habit #17 – Grooming: (19:34)
Habit #18 – Making Your Bed: (20:35)
Habit #19 – Being Mindful Of Your Words: (21:32)
Habit #20 – Meditation: (21:58)
Habit #21 – Cold Showers: (23:13)
Habit #22 – Getting Sunlight: (24:27)
Habit #23 – Writing: (25:24)
Habit #24 – Exercise/Fitness: (26:14)
Habit #25 – Sleeping Early: (27:46)
Habit #26 – Eating On Time/Fasting: (28:07)
Habit #27 – Studying A Language: (29:05)
Habit #28 – Budgeting/Tracking Finances: (29:49)
Habit #29 – Visualizing : (30:55)
Habit #30 – Working: (31:54)
Habit #31 – Socializing : (32:22)
Habit #32 – Stretching: (33:19)
Final Thoughts: (33:39)

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